Charming and still warm

You can be like this all winter long. Merino wool sweaters were designed for everyday wear. They are incredibly versatile. Whether you're going to work, for a walk or out to dinner with friends, you can't go wrong with a merino sweater. Add it to your business casual wardrobe. Or choose a mild cardigan sweater

Clothes can be functional and look great too. Enjoy all the benefits of merino wool: regulates body temperature, keeps you warm even if you get wet. It wicks away moisture, and in addition dries quickly. Do not hesitate to take your favorite piece on a trip abroad. In your suitcase it won't wrinkle and thanks to antibacterial properties will remain clean for a long time and odorless. The perfect mix of comfort and style!

Iconic turtleneck

It will probably never go out of fashion.Turtlenecks form the basis of the winter wardrobe. For such pieces, it pays to invest in quality material that will last you for several years. It looks elegant, but it must also fulfill its function - not to let cold air reach our body. Snuggle up in the wool!