Where it all started

Sometimes I'm grateful for my naivety. If I had known what it would take to create the first sweater, I might not even have tried.

It all starts with a visit to one of the hipster stores in San Francisco. That's where I found a unique sweater. More colorful, more imaginative, all around cool.

My friends praised the sweater when I returned to Prague and I was even getting more attention from the ladies. That's when I realized I wanted more of these sweaters.

First attempts at production

I couldn't find anything similar in the Czech Republic so I decided to order a few custom-made sweaters, thinking it would be a simple task.

At first, I tried to order some from China. The process was not easy - difficult communication and delivery dates so far in the future that it would be easier to just walk to Shanghai and get them myself. Indonesia wasn't much better. To my surprise, there was almost no one in the Czech Republic who could produce high quality sweaters.

Finding the right material

I searched for the best material for a long time. I wanted something durable yet soft to the touch, with a nice subtle, sophisticated design.

No patches or thick materials and no stitched pieces.

Eventually, thanks to my friend, I discovered Merino wool and immediately fell in love with it.

It's soft, doesn't collect any smells and it regulates body temperature, but there was a catch. There are only a few factories in the Czech Republic capable of creating more complex patterns.

It's been a hard year and a half

Due to the delays and struggles to find what I wanted, the first quality sweater took about eighteen months.

Finally, we are making high quality Merino wool sweaters in the Czech Republic. Unlike outdoor or formal wear brands, we combine the durable properties of Merino wool with a stylish design.

Take a look at today's production of our sweaters

What can you expect from Merino.live?

Merino.live sweaters will last for years to come with versatile functions both in and out of the office.

I hope you will love our products just as much as I do.



Michal Richter

CEO & Founder